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Licious Delight is a baking and catering servicing company. We understand the important role food plays in many lives, hence the commitment to ensuring excellent quality should be ALWAYS be delivered. Our main focus is ensuring homes get the very best value at all times without breaking the bank.
Amazingly healthy food deserves great respect. We apply this philosophy to every of our services. We focus on freshness and flavour first, combining local ingredient in ways you never imagined.

Ademoroti Bunmi A.

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Over the years, we have cultivated close relationships with farmers and producers who share our way of thinking and doing things. We believe that food should be more than just sustenance: it should be respectful of where it comes from and how it is produced. We would want nothing less than the best for ourselves, and deliver nothing less to you. From classic comfort food to eclectic international and trending cuisine, we continue to challenge ourselves to set the bar ever higher in the quest for the perfect balance of flavor, value, and that certain “somewhereness” that is unique to the Pacific Northwest.

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