Services We Render

This is what we do and we do it perfectly

Catering services

We offer diverse catering services of delicious meals both local and intercontinental dishes. What kind of group do you need to feed?
a. Office meals: Feeding large groups is our specialty. Whether you’re looking for something healthy or a little more decadent, our menus have something for everyone.
b. School or House of Worship: For your end of year meal and diverse religious events. We give top-notch meals that not only are appealing but healthy for all age grades.
c. Sales Meeting: impress your clients with a variety of delicious, high-quality food that is professionally presented by our catering experts.

Cakes of all kinds

When you send a cake, you aren’t sending desert you are sending a moment of celebration, joy, and togetherness. When you can’t be there to celebrate in person, We Take The Cake makes it easy to delight your family, friends and colleagues with our made from scratch cake deliveries; just like grandma made with whole buttermilk, fresh eggs and real butter.
We understand that elegant presentation matters as much as the taste, and we take pride in beautifully packaging and crafting every cake by hand to ensure they meet the highest standards. We Take The Cake goes the extra mile to make sure our mail order desserts deliver an experience that makes you proud that you chose us to create the gift people will talk about long after the celebration is over.
Do you need fluffy, delicious, milky and mouth-watering cakes?

Finger foods

We have diverse finger foods for special events, offices, get-together, palour parties, Bridal shower, Baby shower, Bachelor’s eve e.t.c
We tease your tastebuds with amazing finger foods such as sausage rolls, spring rolls,chicken/beef kebab, miniature quiches, samosas, sandwiches, miniature meatpies, cup cakes, puffpuff, buns, chicken drumsticks, sandwiches, amongst others

Abattoir errands and deliveries

Getting meat of all kinds ranging from Cow meat, to Goat, Ram and Goat Meat is now easy. We help get shared meat of all kinds, we clean and deliver to your door step. Saving you the hassles and stress, of going to the market to buy, transport and clean.

Surprise Birthdays, proposals, Romantic errands and anniversary deliveries

Are you ready to Pop-up the ‘Big Question’ but don’t know how to make it romantic, memorable& passionate? Is your marriage not experiencing the desired romance & passion, you’ve exhausted all ideas on how to spice your relationship up??
We also plan & execute romantic getaway, picnics, home-dates for couples too busy to plan one.
Does your significant other deserve to be surprised and serenaded on his/her birthday or random show of love? Let’s get you started on how to make him/her loved, treasured, appreciated and pampered.

Groceries and Foodstuff shopping and delivery service

We are all cautious about foodstuff and provisions we buy with the recent advent of fake products and plastic produce. We also help to shop for your friends and family abroad and have it delivered to their doorsteps both here in Nigeria and all over the world.

Healthy weight-loss meals and drinks

We are in a time when been overweight health hazards are killing the populace with reckless abandon. We supply healthy meals for your detox and weight-loss.
We help with healthy meal plans and meals to help you shed the desired weight while enjoying amazing delicacies. We take of the burden of planning a meal schedule as well as preparing it. We also make healthy smoothies, tigernuts-dates drink and Zobo drinks.

Soups and stew

The work schedule can be annoyingly crazy as the desire to make more money to foot numerous bills and responsibilities leave you with little or no time to relax, decongest your thought and prepare your meals. Why not leave your soups and stews us? Order for your soups and stews today, with the kinds of protein you want as well as number of days.

Tomatoes, pepper and vegetables of all kinds shopping

Do you have an upcoming party or home bulking buying and need to buy tomatoes, pepper, carrots, cabbages and all other vegetables in large quantities. We deliver the freshest and best of all vegetables from the farmers as well, taking the hassles of a trip to Mile 12 off your shoulders. Order for yours today and we would deliver fresh produce to your doorsteps.

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